Avondale Alternative Public School – TDSB

In class two day workshop at Avondale Alternative P.S – December 2010

The students in the grade 4/5 class used the play ” A midsummer nights dream” as a template to create their own personal plaster mask.

  • Day One- The students paired up with one partner and each took a turn to place plaster strips on each others  faces.
  • Day Two- After a 24 hour drying period, the students were asked to illustrate the design of the mask they would like to make. Once completed , paint was distributed at the tables and dried off with a hair dryer for the final stage.
  • Day Two- The final stage for the project included a variety of craft materials that were available to the students in a self serve setting. The students used the materials and The Art Garage Inc. staff hot gluded the pieces onto the mask as directed by the students. Awesome.

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About theartgarage

Lawrence works for The Art Gargage Inc.
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