St.Denis TCDSB. Grade JK to Eight. 2010/11

The Art Garage Inc. was contacted by St.Denis to participate in each classroom during the 2010/11 school year and help create a individual custom art project that enhanced and enriched the classroom curriculum. Each teacher communicated with our staff and during the duration of two half days The Art Garage Inc. instructed the kids on how to build or illustrate a project. Here is a list of all the classroom projects:

Jk/SK- Paper Mache/ Mixed Media  –  Inispired creation based on the book ” The Hungry Caterpillar”

Grade 1- Paper Mache/ Mixed Media – Easter bunny.

Grade 2- Paper Mache/ Mixed Media- Dinosaurs.

Grade 2- Paper Mache/ Mixed Media- Animals.

Grade 3-  Paper Mache / Mixed Media- Knight and horse.

Grade 3- Cardboard construction/ Mixed Media- Pioneer travel chest and environment.

Grade 4- Cardboard construction/ Mixed Media- Myan temple and environment.

Grade 5- Cardboard construction/ Mixed Media- Egypt Pyramid and environment.

Grade 6- 2D Stained tea painting/ Mixed Media – City illustration with 3D buildings.

Grade 7- Paper Mache/ Mixed Media- 3D creation based on a Group of Seven painting.

Grade 8- Plaseter Mask / Mixed Media- Create a mask inspired by the theme of the book Hunger Games.

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About theartgarage

Lawrence works for The Art Gargage Inc.
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