Wow. The Art Garage Inc. is doing great!

Last year ( 2010/11) we participated in 8 schools ( some of them we did multiple classrooms) and participated with 3 TDSB schools with after school  programs.

Today ( April 29 2012) we have worked with over 25 schools ( some of them we did the whole school!) and participated with 5 schools with after school programs!… AND the school year ( 2011/12) is not even over!

One half day or two half day workshops ! 2D or 3D art work! Curriculum enrichment ! We take pride knowing that our speedy growth of a small buisness is a reflection of our hard work and dedication to our job.

Kapow! We also are proud particiants at TCAF! 2012!

Sorry for the lack of recent pictures… we have a ton … and our goal is to make sure each class gets a proper selection of photos.

Some of the TDSB / TCDSB 2012 particpating schools included we have worked with so far include:

Blantyre, Morse Park, Leslieville, Denlow, Clairelea, Cassandra, St.Denis,Avondale,  Victoria Village, Norway, Buchanan, Peter Secor, Rippleton, Canadian Martyrs, Oakridge, Jackman, Northlea… and more!!

Looking forward to our adventures as we get one step closer to becoming the reliable art workshop that everyone knows buy our solid reputation. Imagel

Summer information is out ( ST.DENIS – July and August in the gym) and if interested , please contact us by phone or email.

Looking forward to meeting new students, faculty and lifelong partners in art education!

Lawrence Sagar/ Jeanette Stevenon


” Structures” picture taken at Oakridge TDSB Spring 2012 – One half day workshop




About theartgarage

Lawrence works for The Art Gargage Inc.
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