The Art Garage Inc. is:

The Art Garage Inc. © is a business committed to developing the joy of art-making and exploration in participants of all ages. Our expert staff are Fine Art University Graduates and Professionals who teach a wide range of art workshops including Mixed Media, Drawing, Painting, Ceramics, Cartooning, Kindercraft and Parent & Tot.

What We Believe:
Art is fun. Art is exciting. Art is skill. Art builds confidence. Art is loved by all ages.
Art is fundamental for personal positive growth.

Key learning objectives include:

– To gain knowledge of the world of Visual Art and objectives set forth by the Ontario Curriculum
– Group motivation and interactive art discussion
– Inspiring participants to become lifelong learners and encouraging people to continue to challenge themselves with their own style, skill and creativity.
– Building strong friendships with fellow peers and implementing positive constructive criticism
– Willingness to learn from mistakes and take risks improving one’s personal artistic achievements and confidence in all aspects of life.
– To try something new and dynamic that says something about their inhibitions to grow beyond the canvas!
– To engage and provide a sense of accomplishment to learners of all ages, ability, background and interest
– To acquire skills that may be transferred to all aspects of life such as problem solving, self discipline, team work and critical thinking

How we do it:
The Art Garage Inc. © encourages anyone participating in its workshops to experience art in a new and dynamic way. Our company goal is for young artists to challenge themselves, positively engage in the process of art making, take pride in their creations, and subsequently learn something new about themselves. The Art Garage Inc.© thrives on transforming anyone who feels they have no prior artistic knowledge or skill into someone who enjoys the creative process of art making, sharing their ideas with others and taking pride in displaying their finished masterpieces with confidence.

Why we’re good at it:

“Making art is what makes art fun” is The Art Garage Inc. © motto that its founders believe in and guarantee to deliver to anyone who participates in their unique workshops.
Lawrence Sagar and Jeanette Stevenson started The Art Garage inc. 11 years ago in a small studio on Queen Street east in Toronto, based on a passion for the arts and the enjoyment of working with kids. Through the years of operating the studio, Lawrence and Jeanette have gained expertise in how to engage participants regardless of age, achievement, ability, or interests. This experience and the results it has produced, demonstrated time and time again that participating in the creative process is essential for living a fulfilled life. Both founders are university graduates and Jeanette is a certified teacher graduating from OISE/UT in 2007.

The Art Garage Inc.© turned 10 years old in 2009 and has taught thousands of kids during in studio programs, winter camps, march break camps, summer camps, birthday parties and in-school workshops

The Art Garage Inc.© has appeared on a CBC daytime talk-show, received a write-up in a business of interest article in the National Post, appeared in a TVO television segment as well as CBC’S “One to grow on”

Today, The Art Garage Inc. © has set a new goal to meet growing demand.
The Art Garage Inc.© is now on the move; Looking to inspire new communities including, public schools, private schools, hospitals, community centres, libraries, after school facilities and more, to reach its largest audience yet.
Wouldn’t you like to sign up for an art adventure like no other?

Why We Do It:
Simply put, The Art Garage inc. exists to help improve quality of life.
We strive to make confident lifelong learners, problem solvers, risk takers and art makers out of all of our participants.


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