The Art Garage inc. staff is available for in class visual art workshops designed to teach Grades JK to Eight students Ontario Art curriculum while fusing various academic subjects.

Please choose from the following projects :

2D  ( ONE HALF DAY)  or  3D ( TWO HALF DAYS)  Workshops

JK or SK – 2D 

  • Tree painting project
  • Outer space project

JK or SK- 3D

  • Paper mache animal : choice of  farm animal or house pet
    •  Treasure chest
    • Birdhouse
    • Paper mache Volcano

Grade ONE or TWO – 2D 

  • Step by step illustration : emphasis on perspective and horizon line
  •  Cross section of a city
  • Seasonal tree painting

Grade ONE –3D

  • Paper Mache – Animal, Dinosaur, Dragon
  • Buildings in the community

Grade TWO-3D

  • Houses from around the world
  • Paper Mache Bird
  • Working draw bridge

Grade THREE – 2D

  • Vintage inspired map
  • Step by step illustration : emphasis on space/ colour/ shape/ foreground/background/middle ground

Grade THREE- 3D

  • Native maks
  • Sky scraper
  • Toy and package design

Grade Four- 3D

  • Moving model Car!… use a rock to make it move!
  • Medievil Puppet show/theatre
  • Medievil model Ship

Grade FOUR- 2D

  • Cartooning workshop
  • Step by step illustration

Grade FIVE – 3D

  • Human head shadow box project
  • Myan or Egyptian temple
  • Egyptian Death Mask
  • Canadian Parliament Buildings model

Grade FIVE or SIX- 2D

  • Collaborative Comic Book
  • Logo design
  • Step by step illustration of aviation vehicle

Grade SIX – 3D

  • Totem Pole
  • Aboriginal mask
  • Bi-plane model
  • Space shuttle model

Grade SEVEN or EIGHT- 3D

  • Plaster hands or mask
  • Model of Parliament Buildings
  • Animation Zoetrope
  • Group of Seven inspired paper mache
  • Computre Avatar sculpture

Grade SEVEN  or EIGHT- 2D

  • Step by step illustration of structures
  • Animation cell
  • Collaborative Comic Book


1. Pick your project from the list above! A full list of materials and curriculum components will be provided upon booking.

2.Contact us by phone ( 416-686-0960) or email ( with your school, teacher name,  grade, number of students and potential date.

3. Our team will respond with confiramtion of available dates and choice of project.

Where have we partcipated?

TDSB Schools/ TCDSB/ Private Schools/ Toronto Public Library

Over 40 schools.. including : St.Denis TCDSB- Secord TDSB- Peter Secor TDSB- Fairmount TDSB- Leslieville TDSB- Buchanan TDSB- Birchcliff TDSB- Blantyre TDSB-Morse Park TDSB- Cassandra TDSB- Victoria Village TDSB- Avondale Alternative School TDSB- Rippleton TDSB- Allenby TDSB- Clairelea TDSB- Canadian Martyrs TCDSB- Norway TDSB- Oakridge TDSB- Dunlance TDSB- Jackman TDSB- Denlow TDSB- Northlea TDSB- Cliffside TDSB- Various TPL locations- TCAF 2012 ( Toronto Comic Arts Festival) 

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